Abnormal Classification

Class-A: Long Range

  • Class-A Abnormals consist of those who possess the ability to shoot bolts, sparks and electric shocks at long distances. This class of Abnormal can manipulate lightning and electricity that is not their own.  They also can use short range abilities, but it is usually not their strong-suit: Their skills are more akin to that of an archer, or a sniper.
  • More often than not Class-A Abnormals are highly regarded as having the best offensive capabilities when it comes to fighting. 


  • Their defense abilities and Lentus (the microscopic layer of protection on an Abnormal’s skin that provides extra durability and resistance to heat) tends to be weaker than every other Class, except for Class-E. This is the first of the Big Three Classes, the most common classifications of Abnormals.

Class-B: Short Range

  • Class-B Abnormals consist of those who can manipulate electricity but only at a very limited range. They aren’t often able to manipulate natural lightning.


  • Class-B Abnormals can usually hold electrical charges (including those sustained outside of the body) for longer durations than other Abnormal classes. 
  • This class is usually seen as having greater defensive powers, in partial thanks to the increased durability of their Lentus, compared to other classes. They also use grounding and other more contact-based means of transportation, such as cable gliding. 
  • This is the second of the Big Three Classes, the most common classifications of Abnormals.

Class-C: Long and Short Range

  • Class-C Abnormals consist of those who essentially get the best of both worlds, they have both Class-A and Class-B strengths with none of their weaknesses. 
  • Class-C Abnormals tend to be the strongest and most skilled, often finding employment teaching other Abnormals  how to use their powers.
  • Class-C Abnormals are very rare and those who do come along have a tendency to be famous and powerful.

Class-D: Manipulators

  • Class-D Abnormals consist of those who can manipulate electricity and lightning but cannot create it. Because of this limitation, Class-D Abnormals usually tend to be the weakest of all the classes, and face the toughest obstacles when using their power.


  • Due to Class-D Abnormals inability to create lightning, most have found the most creative and resourceful ways to harness electricity. This has lead to many of the innovators of the Abnormal race having ties to this Class. This is the last of the Big Three Classes, the most common classifications of Abnormals.

Class-E: Little To No Power

  • Class-E consists of the rare cases in which those who are born into Abnormal families but contain little ability to control electricity.
  • Abnormals is this Class do not experience a Birthing Bolt (the process that occurs when an Abnormals powers fully mature) and it is not uncommon for them to be unable to manipulate electricity at all.
  • Sickness and disease usually accompany Abnormals within this Class, and the life expectancy and mortality rate of these Abnormals is extremely high.
  • Since Abnormals in this Class are known to assimilate into Commortal life, believing that this lifestyle will better suit them.


  • Abnormals in Class-E still contain electrical orbs in their hearts, and these orbs are connected to their life force just like any other Abnormal. They also still have the extra layer of Lentus but they are the weakest of all the Classes, which in turn makes them nigh undetectable by Electrolocation (the ability to sense electric pulses).
  • Also, Class-E Abnormals similarity to Commortals usually causes other Abnormals to distrust them


  • This is what Abnormals call normal humans, or everyone else in the world who do not have the ability to manipulate electricity.

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