Mark Antony “The Brains”

Biographical Information

 – October 2, 1991

Abnormal Classification
 – Class-D 

Mark Antony: “Do you think we’ll make it?”

Andrew Pearson: “Without a shadow of a doubt. We have to…In a world like this one, that’s desolate and unaccepting…indifferent to change. I think there has to be a little hero in us all. It’s our only hope.”

– Andrew and Mark on surviving the horrors of St. Barbara’s Research Facility

Mark Matthew Antony (b. 2 October, 1990) is an American-born Abnormal and the second son of Mr. Timothy Antony and Mrs. Rachel Antony, both of whom are prominent Abnormal scientists. Mark began to blossom in his educational career at a very young age, having created his very own computer from scratch at just the age of seven. 

His physical stature is somewhat stunted, but combined with his extreme overconfidence, he developed a severe case of Little Man’s Syndrome. His unlimited wit and advanced knowledge in the matters of science has enabled him to master his Abnormal powers at unbelievable levels. 

Mark entered St. Barbara’s Research Facility on the same night as Andrew Pearson, among the same convoy. His staunch contrarian leanings often result in his taste in clothing, music, and hobbies to differ greatly with those around him.