Book 2: The Abnormals Series: The Awakening

Written by           Devon Rowe

Based On              The Grim Game (1919)

Edited By              TBD

Distributed By   TBD

Release Dates     TBD

The Abnormals Series: The Awakening (stylized as THE ABNORMALS SERIES: THE AWAKENING and alternatively known as Andrew and the Awakening) is an upcoming young-adult science fiction, action adventure novel written by Devon Rowe. It is the second installment of the Abnormals Series, and it continues the story of Andrew Pearson, after the disastrous events at St. Barbara’s Research Facility in The Abnormals (2015).  After finally trying to assimilate to regular life, he soon finds out that someone has framed him for murder, which sparks the beginning of a race war between the electrically superpowered Abnormals, and the human Commortals. Several new dangerous foes arise and challenge Andrew’s newfound celebrity status, and put his new powers to the test.

Announced in August of 2015, The Awakening is planned for a release in late December 2017. This marks the first installment of the The Abnormal Series not to include input from Cairo Matthews.

Previews may be made available on Wattpad for a limited time.