Bryant Elbridge “Mr. Exotic”

Andy Lucchesi

Modeled after Andy Lucchesi (Photo Credit:

Biographical Information

Born – September 19, 1950
Abnormal Classification – Commortal

“Look here son, we may have been born differently but on the inside, we’re the same…-ish. Paychecks can blind you but only temporarily…”

– Bryant to Andrew on racial and cultural differences

Bryant Eton Elbridge (b. 19 September, 1950) is a Bristish-born Commortal and a sufferer of Waardenburg-Klein syndrome. He grew up with no knowledge of the Abnormal race, in a Great Britain that was desperately trying to rebuild itself after a devastating World War. His first Abnormal encounter occurred in 1963, at age 13, when Bryant witnessed a clash between a young Abnormal girl, and the secret Commortal government agency, the AID. That occurrence also marked the first time white streaks appeared in Bryant’s hair.

Inspired by what he witnessed, he spent the rest of his young adult life learning as much as he could about Abnormals, until one day when the Abnormal Intelligence Division recruited him out of college. His years spent with the AID are, for the most part undocumented, and the only thing known to be true is that he fathered a son in 1980.

Bryant was among the original staff at St. Barbara’s Research Facility when its doors opened for the first time in the year 2000. How he became acquainted with Gideon Williams is unknown, but he is highly regarded by the doctors and guards at the facility, as his many years of experience and endless source of knowledge on the Abnormal race makes him many people’s go-to guy for information.

Bryant is well-known for his dry wit, weakness for alcohol, and his excessive womanizing. His favorite movie is Gone With the Wind and his preferred sport is golf.

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