25 Things to Know About Me

  1. If I had to choose between the beach or mountains, I’d choose the beach!
  2. My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is a sausage croissant sandwich, or Waffle House.
  3. I am a night owl, I spend many nights awake on my phone or Netflix when I should be sleeping.
  4. I like challenging myself with the spiciest foods possible – with no water.
  5. I listen to all kinds of music, especially any that makes me want to dance.
  6. When I’m sad I like listening to music that sounds epic and powerful, usually soundtracks to superhero or action movies.
  7. My favorite kind of pie is apple pie.
  8. My favorite season is Fall, not too hot, not too cold, and I can wear all my dang clothes!
  9. My best physical feature is my smile: I’m told it’s contagious.
  10. Just about anything can make me laugh but I love random acts of anything.
  11. I read all kinds of books but young-adult novels are my favorite!
  12. My favorite restaurant is a place called King’s Buffet: it’s all you can eat Asian food!
  13. I’m not a big fan of guacamole because it reminds me of baby poo.
  14. I’m not a very affectionate person but I love displays of affection, if that makes sense?
  15. The thing that scares me the most is complete silence: I always feel like someone or something is just watching me…
  16. My creativity just bursts out at random, or when I’m talking about something inspirational.
  17. I hate exercise that involves running, I have like no stamina.
  18. My favorite dessert is lemon pound cake so don’t bring any near me if you want some – it won’t last.
  19. I feel safest in my room, or in a loved one’s arms.
  20. I absolutely love horror movies: they don’t really scare me and I’m more often than not the only person laughing at them in the theater.
  21. I like playing sports but I know I’m no good at them.
  22. My friends say that the thing they like most about me is how easy it is to come to me about their problems, or to just talk to me in general.
  23. I can’t cook worth a damn but I love doing it! Especially when I do it with family or friends.
  24. I once uploaded a video of me dancing like a fool on YouTube and it gained more views than I’d like to admit.
  25. I got along with all types of people in school, I couldn’t really be branded with a certain title.

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