Chloé F. “The Doctor”

Biographical Information

Born – July 9, 1975
Abnormal ClassificationCommortal 

Andrew Pearson: “No way, you’re too young.”

Chloé: “Such a youthful thought…Has no one ever told you that age is just a number?”

– Andrew and Chloé on becoming a doctor at a young age. 

Chloé F. (b. 9 July, 1975) is an American-born Commortal and one of the senior doctors at St. Barbara’s Research Facility. Chloé developed an interest in animal care at a young age that drove her to want a job as a veterinarian when she grew up. In the end, she excelled in math and science in school, and enrolled in college, eventually obtaining her PhD. Her loving, caring Abnormal parents encouraged her, all the way up until they disappeared, mysteriously, and were never heard from again.

It is unknown how and when Chloé became involved with Gideon Williams and his research, but her expertise in the medical field has gained her the respect of most of the doctors and guards at the facility.

Chloé is known to be very sentimental to the children of St. Barbara’s, to the dismay of some her peers. She is very intelligent and wise, and does not often lose her temper.