Elle Pearson “The Mom”

Biographical Information

Born – April 10, 1974

Abnormal Classification
 – Class-A

Andrew: “Wait, so there’s no stores for us, no hospitals, no nothing?”

Elle: “None…Drew, honey, I didn’t even give birth to you in a hospital. You were born in a house, hun –– We all were.”

– Elle and Andrew on Abnormal institutions 

Elle Samantha Pearson
(née Wells) (b. 10 April, 1974) is an American-born Abnormal and the mother of Andrew Pearson. Elle was born into the wealthy Wells family, who’s fame and fortune is derived from their billion dollar media and communication empire. At a young age, Elle became dissolutioned her extravagant lifestyle, due to her family’s constant insistence that she participate in their high-profile, and often controversial dealings, on top of her persisting fear that the world would find out about her Abnormal powers. 

Near the age of 12, Elle ran away from home and found refuge among the distant family of the Wells family butler, Mr. Daniels. Mr. Daniels forged enough paperwork and used enough of his connections to successfully hide Elle with his niece, Gabriella Daniels, who had two of her own children. Aside from a few letters smuggled between Elle and her siblings, the Wells haven’t seen Elle since, and are rumored to still be looking for her to this day. 

Two years later, Elle met Thomas Pearson at a Target where they both worked, and they soon fell in love. After a year and a half of friendship Elle discovered she was pregnant, aged 15, with Thomas’ child, Andrew Pearson. Even with their teenaged pregnancy and continuing money problems the two remained together and raised their son in a sheltered environment.