Serenity May “The Juggernaut”

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Biographical Information

Born – November 17, 1988
Abnormal Classification – Commortal

Andrew Pearson: “What happened if we, I dunno, broke one of your rules?”

 Serenity: “Well what would happen if I just broke one of your legs?”

– Andrew and Serenity arguing upon first meeting each other

Serenity Elise May (b. 17 November, 1988) is an American-born Commortal and the Head of Security at St. Barbara’s Research Facility. Not much is known about her past, the only thing that is certain is that at one point in her young life she was employed by the American faction of top-secret Abnormal Intelligence Divison. It is presumably from there where Serenity gained her extensive knowledge on the Abnormal race, and possibly her hatred of them. 

She was among the original staff to enter St. Barbara’s when its doors opened in 2000, and as head guard she serves as third in command after Gideon Williams and Dante Blair. She is rumored to be dating both brothers and has done so for quite some time.

Serenity is tough, extremely intelligent, and very strategic. She has worked her body to its physical peak in addition to training herself in martial arts so effectively that she is rumored to be able to hold her own in fights with an Abnormals, despite her lack of superhuman abilities. She rarely dons clothes aside from tactical gear and her specially fitted combat suit, but when she does it’s said she wears floral dresses, a stark contrast to her otherwise stale wardrobe.