Andrew Pearson “The Hero”

Andrew Pearson

Biographical Information

Born – April 9, 1990

Abnormal Classification – Class-C

Andrew Pearson: “Anyways, why are you reading that?”

Ariadne Harris: “This will help empower me in ways that a boy never can. Books are more useful than boys anyhow – at least they can’t take back their words.”

– Andrew on Ariadne’s self-help book Abnormal Powers and You: The 12 Step Program to Master Your Life.

Andrew Lee Pearson (b. 9 April, 1990) is an Italian-born Abnormal, born to Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Elle Pearson, Mr. Pearson being an Abnormal politician and Mrs. Pearson being a marketing executive. Although Andrew was born in Italy while his parents were on vacation, they returned to the States shortly after, resulting in his current dual citizenship.

Andrew’s lonely childhood was filled with confusion, as he grew up believing that he was the only one of his kind. He struggled to cope as his powers gradually manifested themselves to the point where he gained the attention of Gideon William’s elite guard.

Andrew is not known to have been a very good student in school, but he’s capable of handing his own when tossed into leadership positions.