Ariadne Harris “The Sweetheart”

Modeled after Kiernan Shipka. Photo Courtesy of 

Ariadne Harris Name

Biographical information

Born – November 25, 1990

Abnormal Classification – Class-E

Andrew Pearson: “Anyways, why are you reading that?”

Ariadne Harris: “This will help empower me in ways that a boy never can. Books are more useful than boys anyhow – at least they can’t take back their words.”

– Andrew on Ariadne’s self-help book Abnormal Powers and You: The 12 Step Program to Master Your Life. 

Ariadne Marris Harris (b. 25 November, 1990) is an American-born Abnormal and the second daughter of Mr. Harris and Miss Annalise McKinnon, Mr. Harris being a graphic designer and Miss  McKinnon being a bank accountant. Ariadne had a troubled upbringing as, even though she never manifested any Abnormal powers, her mother Annalise detested the Abnormal blood that flowed through her veins (via her father). At the age of thirteen, Ariadne’s troubles continued as she was kidnapped and taken to the dreadful St. Barbara’s Research Facility by men under orders of Gideon Williams

She entered St. Barbara’s on the eve of September 6, 2003, where she struggled to find her place among other kidnapped Abnormal kids, the majority of whom had developed their powers at least to some degree. 

She is thought to be very intelligent, with a passion for reading, and it is of note that her favorite subject is Science, a field in which she is rumored to be very gifted in. Before becoming kidnapped it’s said she was an excellent student, and tends to create her own fashions, often times divergent to those in the mainstream.

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