Announcement: Ariadne’s Adventures

Note: This is another post featuring an almost editorial photo of Kiernan Shipka, whose images I am borrowing as a physical representation of a character in my novel. I do not own any of these photos, and any photos of “Kiki” will only be used when the character Ariadne Harris is featured.

It’s time I finally announced the plans that I formulated a few months ago: I fully intend on releasing brand-new material on Wattpad to coincide with The Abnormals.

I’ve had ideas lately about creating a few short stories or spin-offs of The Abnormals that chronicles the characters lives that was not included in the book. This will most likely be reserved for the more interesting characters, or the ones that are most well-received. Ariadne is already topping that list, without a doubt. My working title for it is called Ariadne’s Adventures, which will include scenes not included the final copy of my book, and other insightful tales that encompass Ariadne’s life before and during her tenure at St. Barbara’s Research Facility. The other short stories will most likely follow the same setup.

I wouldn’t want to charge anyone for those episodes, hence my reasoning for putting it on Wattpad, but everyone can expect to see some posted following the release of The Abnormals. 😊

Photo courtesy of IMDB. Ariadne Harris stylized after Kiernan Shipka. Retrieved from

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