The Abnormals Update: Book Cover

It’s official; the book cover for The Abnormals is nearing completion! After a rather miserable experience with a previous designer in which my book was given a cover that made it look as though it belonged on SyFy, I’ve finally decided one what that I like!😊

My first wish was for it to be very elaborate and showy, something that would really catch someone’s eye. Or something unique like how Ana Spoke did for her book Shizzle Inc . (which she did by herself I might add – and I’m still fangirling over it!). 

However, I vowed to go with a considerably simple approach, riding on the whole “less is more” mentality. I know that what I’m about to say is really crappy but I don’t have any previews for it just yet. As soon as I get my first proof then I’ll post it for all to see.

Personally I just can’t wait to get the book to see if it has that “new book smell”. Isn’t that just great?

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