My Favorite Characters: Pirates of the Caribbean Pt. 1

By: Devon Rowe | November 21, 2015


Oh yes. It’s time I provided you all with a little bit more reading material for your bathroom time. It’s goes without saying that my favorite character in the Pirates of the Caribbean series is none other than the series mainstay: Captain freakin’-Jack Sparrow.

Nothing says I’m more bad-ass than tumbling downhill on an enormous wooden wheel, fighting over a rusty set of keys in the one of the most memorable swashbuckling, nonsensical, glorious scenes in the history of pirate movies! Whether it’s his comical obsession with rum, to his often confusing yet totally understandable motives, Jack has found a way to make me laugh. 

He’s bested Davy Jones, Blackbeard, and even death itself, which puts him right up there as one of the greatest pirates there has ever been, at least in my book. And to think that initially some of Disney’s executives actually felt that Johnny Depp’s interpretation of Jack Sparrow wasn’t very good?

This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost had a boring Jack Sparrow.


Take that Michael Eisner, Jack is still with Disney — are you?

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