The Abnormals Update: Book Cover Complete

By: Devon Rowe | November 25, 2015

Dang, y’all The Abnormals is finally (almost) here. I have finally completed the book cover but it comes with bad news: CreateSpace still has to insert the book description and other stuff so I still don’t have anything to show!

Oops! I’m sorry, I know I’m worse than a really bad tease but I figure it’d be best if I release images of the cover once the whole thing is 100% finite!


In the meantime I realized I’ve been so focused on posts that I have not updated or added any new profile pages about the characters or places present in Book 1. Therefore, after Thanksgiving and Black Friday has passed, I’ve decided to dedicate that time to make more pages (even Andrew – the main character- doesn’t even have one).

I’ve also decided not to broadcast, advertise, or promote the book very much yet either because I wanted to devote all my energy into making it a nice product. After the holidays though I’ll be focused on that too!

I’ve also gotten wind that Ana Spoke is hosting a free logo design contest here now and I’ll be looking into that for my new book concept called The Children’s Mafia. This contest of Anna’s (if I win it) would make my own logo design contest null and void but don’t despair just yet – if by a long shot I win Ana’s contest, I will complete my current contest but just with another story idea.

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