Back From the Holiday’s! [Sports Update of the Week]

By: Devon Rowe | November 30th, 2015 | 2:35 PM

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted but I haven’t forgotten everyone! I’ve been ripping and running all week so I don’t have much to report on the Abnormals but I do want to feature my very first sports post of

Of course there are plenty of stories and updates over several different sports that I could cover, but the one that I’m sure we’ll hear the most about is the climatic showdown of two of the most publicized NFL teams in America: the Denver Broncos, and the New England Patriots!

Despite the fact that it seemed the majority of America believed the Broncos to be the underdogs, there were still a handful of people who cited reasons why they’d triumph over Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s Patriots.

I wasn’t one of them.

All week long I had prepared for the Broncos to lose, suspecting that it would not be a very pretty affair. Denver was already missing Demarcus Ware, E. Mathis was present but limited, and LThe Sheriff” is still recovering from his foot injury (and isn’t suspected to come back until Week 15). And let’s not forget that the Beoncos offense was formed around Peyton Manning a few years ago. Tack on the fact that two more key defensive players (Ward and Willams) was carted off the field halfway through the game, and it didn’t look too good for the Horses.

“Can you tell that last football hit me in the forehead?”

But the Patriots weren’t necessarily at full strength either. Tom Brady is looking as strong as ever and so was the Gronk.


With Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman (both key weapons and recievers for Brady) the responsibility fell solely on Rob Gronkowski to get open in the backfield. This initially seemed to be the case as Brady and Gronk capitalized on a Patriots defensive stop and teamed up to score the game’s first TD within the opening five minutes of the game.

Most Patriots fans could smile at least knowing that Peyton would be absent, however bad he had been playing recently. The Manning-Brady battle was of course stalled, but knowing that the Bronco’s future Hall-of-Famer wouldn’t take the field, and would instead have a rookie playing in only his second career start should have been comforting.

After stopping the Broncos again and scoring another touchdown to lead 14-0 I, too, was sure the game was already over, but life just surprised me again in the end.

The Broncos came back to gain a small lead, just to end up allowing the Pat’s to tie the game again in the final seconds thanks to a long Tom Brady drive, a field goal, and couple of crucial seconds lost to confusion with a “excess timeout”.

The Broncos #1 defense in the NFL stopped Brady’s high-octane offensive, forcing a three and out, where Brock Osweiler and C.J. Anderson led their offense in the final game-winning drive.

The Broncos win snapped the Patriots 10-game winning streak, giving them their first loss since the 2015 season.

In the end, Denver and the many critics of the Patriots were cheering, while many of the Patriots fans and supporters are, still, citing that referee mistakes and whatnot decided the game.

It seems no one is more upset however than Bill Belichick, who’s press conference following the game was, let’s say, a little quiet. There’s no telling what is in store for these two teams, but one thing is certain: Sunday night’s game will go down in football lore.

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