Join The Movement. Available on Amazon.

By: Devon Rowe | December 2nd, 2015 | 2:42 PM

I remember someone asked me “What was it like seeing your book published, in paper, for the first time.”

I paused and then thought about the moment that the book came in, and how my household practically blew up in excitement: It was like Christmas had come early!

And for me, it had. My home hadn’t been that full of fervor since the day I got my acceptance letter to the University of Kentucky.

Well, when my book came in it was really inconvenient because I had to leave for work in ten minutes (the shortest ten minutes of my life actually).

Everyone was jumping and screaming, excited and uproarious, all over a little rectangular brown package that contained all my hard work and dreams. The Abnormals came out way better than I ever thought it would, and it’s now available on Amazon for $12.50.

Pick it up for Christmas and join the movement. Don’t be late.

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